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An older man came in to the library today and mentioned that his wife passed away a few years ago. He checks out her favorite books to read, because it reminds him of her… I’m not crying…


An elderly person coming to close their deceased other’s account.

An elderly person asking for help out at his car because he’s bringing 12 boxes of his dead wife’s books in to donate.

Sometimes shit gets real at the library.

this post makes me cry D’:

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What do you do with an abandoned trolley station? Build a massive underground park!

That’s exactly what Dan Barasch wants to do. New York City has two-thirds the green space per resident as other big cities, but converting the Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal into a park the size of a football field would create a respite from the bustling streets. By redirecting sunlight from the roads above, it is possible to illuminate a luscious community space below, nicknamed the Lowline for its similarity to Manhattan’s beloved High Line.

Watch Dan's talk to see renderings of the park and the science behind his prototype »

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Anonymous asked: Hey Z! I was wondering if you knew of any writing guides on how to properly play a character with a learning disability. I'd be so grateful if you could link me to one, please! Thank you so much for your time and have a wonderful day.


There is always Alex’s 5 Step Guide to Writing a Character With X Disorder or X Disease. Other than that most guides are very specific about the learning disability (like this answered question/mini-guide about dyslexia). So, unless you’re looking for something specific, you’re a little out of luck.

Here’s some general information about learning disabilities that might be helpful, with a special thanks to the National Center for LD. \m/

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